How to get involved


The personal development of Christian Discipleship and Stewardship for Daughters of Divine Destiny serves to:

Deepen Her Faith
  • Bible Study
  • Prayer
  • Devotions and Journaling
Develop Her Gifts
  • Training and Developing Spiritual Gifts
  • Service to others
Direct Her Actions
  • Mentoring
  • Witnessing by testimony
  • Physical and Mental Health Initiatives
  • Life Groups

Women’s Bible Study
Women’s Bible Study is a part of KLI. Sunday Church School and Wednesday Night Bible Study serve to provide teaching, word application, spiritual maturity and life changing learning for both teachers and students.
Designed specifically for women, you will grow in your relationship with God and receive practical, biblical perspectives on marriage, family, work, and more!  Join us Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm at The Park Church Beatties Ford Road and The Park Church South Charlotte locations.  Some of our recent studies include: Esther, A Walk in The Clouds, Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl.

Contact: Lady Kim if the person wants to become facilitator for general information


 Evangelism is described as an individual(s) with zealous preaching and advocacy of the gospel.  The Daughters of Divine Destiny takes the <> of Evangelism through providing a local application of some national initiatives which include:

  • MOM’s In Touch
    “Arise, cry out in the night, as the watches of the night begin; pour out your heart like water in the presence of the Lord. Lift up your hands to him for the lives of your children, who faint from hunger at the head of every street.”  Lamentations 2:19
    A local extension of the national initiative, Moms In Touch International impacts children and schools worldwide for Christ by gathering mothers to pray.
    MITI meets on Friday's from 10-11am at the Park Church South Charlotte in the Pray House and Monday's from the 6:50-7:50 pm at the Park Church Beatties Ford Road in room 100.
    For more information about MITI please visit For more information about how to get involved through the Women’s Ministry please contact Lady Kim Alexander at 


The fellowship area of the Women’s Ministry provides an opportunity for each woman to: Develop healthy relationships; Create a sensitivity and caring for the Body of Christ; and, Participate in Corporate Worship.
Some activities include:

  • Women’s Tea
    The Women’s Fellowship Tea is an annual event done for the women of The Park to fellowship. The women are asked to bring their own favorite box of tea and favorite cup. It is always a great time of fellowship, playing games, and tea swap.
  • Retreats
    The Women's Advancement is our women's retreat. It is designed as a time for spiritual growth and development as women fellowship and relax in different environment. Our retreats strive to focus on developing the spiritual disciplines of fasting, prayer, bible study and meditation. We enjoy fun activities and games in a relaxing multigenerational environment. The retreats are planned for women from the age of 20 up.
  • Girl Talk

CONTACT:    Dena Richards and Regina Meeks



The outreach area of the Women’s Ministry provides an opportunity for each woman to participate in studying areas of social justice and acting as an advocate; meeting the physical, mental and spiritual needs of others in our communities; and, sharing our faith in Jesus Christ.
This is done through:

  • LOVE Inc.
    Love INC (LINK) was founded in 1977, by Dr. Virgil Gulker, as a way to encourage churches to become more engaged with the poor and to inspire a greater number of Christians to put their faith in action.

    The Love I.N.C Team at The Park Ministries serves a family of 5 by striving to help them meet their physical and spiritual needs. The Love I.N.C Team at The Park Ministries met several times throughout the year to discuss ways to better serve the family we support and to plan social outings.  For more information about Love I.N.C please visit For more information about getting involved through the Women’s Ministry please contact Tonya Robinson. 

  • Change Choices
    In partnership with Changed Choices, the Card Ministry provides encouragement to incarcerated women on the Changed Choices mailing list by sending them a card at various times throughout the year. This small act of kindness shows that regardless of their current situation, they have not been forgotten and God still loves them.  Changed Choices is a not-for-profit organization that provides a range of counseling and support services to female jail and prison inmates in local, state, and federal systems.  Inmates who continue as clients of Changed Choices throughout their incarceration, and who demonstrate a high capacity for complete rehabilitation, will be offered additional services upon release, including assistance with housing and other transitional needs.  For more information about Changed Choices please visit For more information about getting involved through the Women’s Ministry please contact Regina Meeks.